20 Pre-Raphaelite Coloring Pages- Printable Adult Coloring Book


20 coloring pages of Pre-Raphaelite artwork that you can download, print, and color or paint at home!


⭐️20 coloring pages of Pre-Raphaelite artwork:

Persephone (Waterhouse), The Siren (Waterhouse), Ophelia (Millais), Psyche Opening the Golden Box, A Mermaid, Ophelia (Waterhouse), Psyche Opening the Door to Cupids Garden (Waterhouse), The Soul of a Rose/My Sweet Rose (Waterhouse), The Lady of Shalott (Waterhouse), A Day Dream (Rossetti), A Vision of Fiammetta (Rossetti), Hylas and the Nymphs (Waterhouse), Gather Ye Rose Buds While Ye May, Pandora Opens the Box, Circe Offering the Cup to Ulysses, Lady Lilith, Lamia, La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Dicksee), Isabella of the Pot of Basil (Hunt).

⭐️Full color mini photographs of the artwork is included on the last few pages of the coloring book.

⭐️Download and print the PDF for all 20 coloring pages and enjoy coloring and painting alongside the pre-Raphaelite masters!

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